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Road Diary

Welcome fellow Road Warriors and Regular Warriors!

Hey everybody - Just went shoe shopping! Size 34!  
I kid, I kid. it's a picture of me and Shaquille O'Neal's actual shoe (you can barely make out the Lakers colors) at the National, the annual collectibles show and heaven for sports fans who get excited when they hear the words "live box break." It's a place where the new stuff is the worst stuff. I bought an autographed picture of former Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis who infamously threw a no-hitter on acid and a set of Kentucky Derby drinking glasses that I have yet to use - but it is an excuse to use one of my favorite words - tchotchkes
I hope to use this space to not only show off recent purchases of sports ephermera et al, but to pull back the curtain of a life on the road. We are hitting the busy season - football - and anything that can't fit in my notebook will go here. ENJOY and catch ya at baggage claim. 


Michele Steele